Bhutan - Happiness is a place

The Land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan is known for its stunning landscapes, legendary ancient temples and fortresses, spicy yet delicious food, colorful festivals and most of all its authenticity. If you wish to slow down your fast paced city life and relish a moment or two in the lap of Himalayas, Bhutan is the place for you! The charms of this isolated Himalayan Kingdom are knitted strong within its cultural realms. The government takes all measures to preserve its culture, history and rich tradition. Happiness is the key to Bhutan’s Tourism –Bhutan prides itself on their sustainable approach to tourism. The Bhutan is the only country to measure GNH or Gross National Happiness as an indicator of its prosperity. Imagine what it is travelling in a country where the natives live by their traditions and values, the environment, legacy and future are of utmost importance to the government and everyone looks forward to development-the cultural way? That’s Bhutan! A Cultural Legacy –Bhutan is a land of monasteries and fortresses. Buddhism is deeply engraved in the soul of the country and is driven with interesting cultural beliefs. Natural Wonders –Experience Bhutan’s natural wonder first-hand when exploring the beautiful nation. Travel across the mountain passes- dazzling with rhododendrons in spring. Trek across the mountains and witness the flora & fauna riches, unique mammals & birds protected in several national parks. Welcomes with Goodbye –Visit the most hospitable country across the world and let the warm smiles and ‘good byes’ (used for welcoming people in Bhutan) invite you the Land of thunder dragon. Nature at its best!–Nature seems to have a privileged grace and courtesy on the kingdom of Bhutan. The majestic hill stations, innumerable varieties of flora and fauna and heavenly water bodies surrounding with the scenic beauty make Bhutan a paradise for the residents as well as the tourists. People there make sure that their natural ecosystems are well preserved and maintained.